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First WHO report on suicide prevention

Unsafe Reporting on Suicide Can Cost Lives

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National Suicide Prevention Week

Suicide Prevention Week is September 6-12, 2014

SAMHSA's National Suicide Prevention Week Podcasts SAMHSA will release six podcasts during National Suicide Prevention Week. A new podcast will appear on SPRC's website each day starting September 8. The podcasts will be archived on the SPRC website.

Burden of Suicide in Wisconsin (2007-2011) Report Released

An average of 724 people have died by suicide in those five years. "The information will be helpful to promote and use evidence-based interventions, programs, and policies to improve mental and behavioral health issues and interpersonal relationships. One example is a model called "Perfect Depression Care," which is being promoted by DHS in partnership with Mental Health America of Wisconsin (MHA)." [Press Release]


HOPES is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin.
We are an organization composed of volunteers.
As suicide survivors, our losses have motivated us to action.
Life is precious.
Working together, we hope to save others.